Olympus Workspace Image Management Software Announced

Screen Shot From Olympus Workspace Software

UPDATE: You can now download the Olympus Workspace software – free of charge at https://support.olympus-imaging.com/owdownload/download

Olympus has announced new image management software that replaces the company’s previous attempt at post-production software which was called Olympus Viewer 3. This new product is much more refined and delivers the kind of image viewing and editing functions most photographers look for in post.

RAW processing preview speed is now faster, and the rating function has also been improved. A multi-window environment is now supported along with other additional controls.

The new program offers:

Custom Layouts
Five Rating Levels
Two New Editing Filters
Copy & Paste Editing Details
Batch Processing

While it’s still not a full-featured photo editing program, and it’s certainly not intended as a replacement for Lightroom, it’s a massive step forward for anyone who relied on the old Olympus Viewer 3. The old software will still be available to download through March 31 and after that will be end of life. The new product is coming soon, but Olympus hasn’t given a firm release date yet. I believe it will be any time now.

I have a beta copy of the software and will be putting it through its paces over the next month, comparing it with other software and will add a review once the product starts shipping.

When it does ship, Olympus Workspace will be available to be downloaded free of charge for users who own an Olympus camera.

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