Picture Methods Podcast #3

Picture Methods Podcast #3

Picture Methods Episode 03 Show Notes

Welcome to the flagship podcast of the Picture Methods blog where we deliver free insights and inspiration for photographers on a weekly basis.

Episode Summary: In today’s show, I’ll cover the photo news, I also have a very exciting interview with Steve Brazill who is a master concert photographer with a unique style. I’m going to offer some insights on how photographers can effectively use social media, then it’s everyone’s favorite part of the cast – the Q&A and this month we have three questions. I’ll follow up with a word of encouragement and then discuss our theme for show #4 which is coming in May.

Show always available at picturemethods.com Each week I’ll publish 3 to 4 posts with photography news, reviews, inspiration and insights. Visit regularly, subscribe for site updates via email at: picturemethods.com by clicking the Follow button on the bottom right of any page and signing up through WordPress (I promise to never spam you) or through your favorite RSS feed. Subscribers to the site will be the first to learn of upcoming contests.

In this episode:


  • The 2019 TIPA Award winners were announced this week:
    • o The Nikon D3500 won the award for best DLSR camera
    • o The Olympus OM-D E-M1 X won for best Micro Four Thirds camera
    • o The Nikon Z7 was named best full frame pro camera
    • o The Lumix S1 was awarded best photo/video camera
    • o BEST DSLR ULTRA WIDE PRIME LENS: Samyang XP 10mm f3.5
    • o BEST INKJET PHOTO PAPER: Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Metallic
    • o BEST IMAGING SOFTWARE: Skylum Luminar 3
    • o BEST PROFESSIONAL TRIPOD: UniqBall iquick3pod
    • o All of the award winners can be found here
    • Skylum announced their new plugin called FLEX for photographers who want to access those tools without ditching their current workflow.
    • Athentech, the company behind the Perfectly Clear image optimization algorithm, which is used by printing services and deployed in Bibble and Corel´s PaintShop Pro among other applications, has been acquired by Canadian company EyeQ.
    • Panasonic Lumix announced the DC-G95 – a mid-range, Micro Four Thirds cameras – the G95 replaces the G85. The G95 is only available in a kit in North America priced at $1199.
    • Great news for European street photographers – Marco Larousse (friend of the show) has organized the first German Street Photography Festival. June 21-23, 2019 in Hamburg
    • There’s a new exhibit at the SFMOMA called Snap + Share: Transmitting photographs from mail art to social networks – Dutch artist Erik Kessels printed out 350,000 Flickr photos and piled them randomly into a giant, undulating heap. The 350,000 is supposed to represent the number of pictures uploaded to Flickr daily. The exhibit is designed to give a SNAPSHOT of the enormity of the Internet.
    • In other news – photo rumor sites are nothing but click bait that is bad for your health and Olympus is NOT selling its camera business. That is all.

Insights: I talk about how to leverage Social Media – it can be valuable to photographers, it allows us to show the work. You can’t sell something you can’t show. Post your picture, but don’t engage with the trolls. Instagram is the only site designed for photography, I classify it more as iphoneography. I use Flume to get photos from your desktop to Instagram. Use a theme, post daily to build an audience, and use relevant hashtags. You get out what you put into it. If you post hashtags, limit to 30 hashtags, put them in the comments section, not with the picture, use a mix of popular combined with specific hashtags tied to your genre. Do some research on the best tags for your genre. I also use Twitter, Facebook, and I use Flickr which was recently purchased by SmugMug. Make yourself a promise to post one picture a day to those four sites. Let me know about your experiences with Social Media: scott@picturemethods.com

Have an insight you’d like me to discuss, email: scott@picturemethods.com

Interview: Steve Brazill, a very talented concert photographer. Steve talks about what got him started in concert photography; the first thing he’d tell a photographer wanting to break into concert photography; learn about how he developed his style and what his eye likes. Also hear how photographers get access to named artists and press credentials, as well as several other great tips for new photographers. These are can’t miss tips for anyone wanting to break into concert photography. Steve will talk about the hardest thing with concert photography, his favorite parts of concert photography and the equipment he uses.

Steve Brazill Contact Info

Portfolio: http://stevebrazill.com

Behind the Shot Podcast: http://behindtheshot.tv

Social Media Networks

Twitter: @SteveBrazill

Instagram: @SteveBrazill

Facebook: @SteveBrazillPhotography


    • Tom Grigsby from Suffolk, VA wants to know the correct way to select a neutral density filter for landscape photography. It depends on what you’re trying to do.
    • Denise Beverly in Bristol, TN asks about technical photos versus the artistic feel, and how technical photos are too sterile to her.
    • Gunnar Hood, Edmond OK asks about my preference for licensing versus selling images as well as the things in licensing a photographer needs to consider.
    • If you want to have your question answered in a future episode, email: scott@picturemethods.com

Words of Encouragement: Hear about being fulfilled in your photography, what to concentrate on – which is what moves and inspires you and how to be you.

Next Month: We’re going to talk about lenses, how to pick them, and how to get the most out of them. I’ll have an interview with Rick Salmon. If you have suggestions, send me an email scott@picturemethods.com.

Learn more about our upcoming workshops.

Links from the show:

2019 Tipa Award Winners

German Street Photography Festival

Snap + Share


Skylum Flex

Steve Brazill Contact Info

Portfolio: http://stevebrazill.com

Behind the Shot Podcast: http://behindtheshot.tv

Twitter: @SteveBrazill

Instagram: @SteveBrazill

Facebook: @SteveBrazillPhotography

Website: PictureMethods


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