How To Post Photos To Instagram From Your Mac

While I am certain that the young people of today are comfortable doing EVERYTHING they do on their smart phone (they are probably working on an app that makes babies too!) I am not. I use the phone to do something radical. I use it like a phone. I prefer to do pretty much everything on my computer. And since I prefer using my Olympus cameras to make photos, I put those pictures together on my desktop or laptop Mac.

I could transfer them to my phone and then to Instagram but for me it’s just easier to do it from the computer. For that, I use Flume.

Before I go further let me establish a few things…

1. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a similar program for Windows but would assume it exists.
2. I am not saying Flume is the best way to do this – but rather, it’s the best way for me.
3. I know there are other methods that some people prefer.

For me, Flume is the best choice for a number of reasons.

It’s super easy to use, has a nicer interface than Instagram, and allows for square formatting or cropping of images from the app – in other words you can set your aspect ratio.

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 6.47.09 AM

But its biggest claim to fame for me is that it works on the desktop. You don’t need a smartphone for Flume to work. You can upload your photos (and videos) directly from your Mac.

Beyond those basics, Flume offers several powerful features…

With Flume (and an Instagram Business profile) you can get stats about your posts, and your followers and even promote your posts. You can monitor all activity on your account like followers and likes.


For $20, you can purchase a Flume Pro license that will unlock the following features in Flume:

You can do everything I said above PLUS –
Upload photos, videos, and carousel posts
Add multiple accounts

Each Flume Pro license can be activated on up to 5 Macs.

Note: Flume Pro is one-time software license payment and not a subscription.


For $20, this is a no-brainer. It’s sleek, fast, intuitive and the company that makes it regularly updates it, even publishing a detailed change log on their blog.

You can learn more or purchase the product at

Highly Recommended!

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