Picture Methods Podcast #11

Picture Methods Podcast #11

Thanks for tuning in.

As I mentioned last month, these are the two busiest month’s of the year so this podcast comes from my hotel room in New Mexico. No guest this month. Things will be back to normal for the January show.

If you have news for the Picture Methods podcast, send me an email to scott@picturemethods.com.

I do want to mention that if you’re looking for holiday gifts, Hunts Photo & Video is the place to shop but call them – don’t just use a web link. If you call them and mention my name they will give you the best prices they have, and they will give you free shipping on any order of more than $50. I do not get affiliate money for this. I am using my relationship with the owner of Hunt’s, Gary Farber to get my audience the best deals.

Call Noah Buchanan at 800-924-8682 or direct at 781-462-2356. If Noah isn’t available ask for Alan or even Gary Farber. They will help you, guaranteed.

Wrapping up…

Be sure to tune in on the first Friday of each month to catch my latest show and visit http://www.picturemethods.com for archives of past episodes.

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I really hope you enjoyed episode number 10 of the Picture Methods podcast – I look forward to sharing time with you next month.

And while we’re all waiting for the next episode, let’s root for each other!

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Picture Methods has partnered with Hunt’s Photo & Video to bring you the best gear at a competitive price and backed by personal service. Call Alan Samiljan at 781-462-2383 if you need photo/video gear. If you prefer, you can also email Alan at: alansamhunts@gmail.com or just visit the Hunt’s Photo & Video Website deals page.

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