Mini Max Portable & Collapsible Stool – Quick Review

Mini Max Portable & Collapsible Stool – Quick Review

It’s a little bit weird for me to write this review because the oldest photo accessory I have is the Walkstool Comfort. I have used one for decades. It’s basically a portable stool. Since I spend so much time in the wild, just waiting on a bird, it’s nice to be able to take a load off.


As I get older, having a portable stool with me extends the amount of time I can stay out shooting before I get tired.

After having spent decades with the Walkstool Comfort, I finally found something I like better. The Mini Max Portable & Collapsible Stool is an improvement over the old stool I used.

First let’s get to the stats…

Height: 17.7″(45cm) >> 12 positions
Seat dimensions: 10″(25cm) diameter
Maximum load: 400 lbs (180kg)
Weights: 3.1 lbs (1.3kg)
Strap length: 43″(110cm)
Warranty: 3 year

The problem with the Walkstool Comfort was that it could be hard to balance on uneven terrain. The Mini Max solves that problem with a simple, round, circular, base. It is much more stable on uneven ground.

Walkstool Comfort

Another problem with the Walkstool Comfort can be the fact that you are merely sitting on a piece of cloth that stretches between the three legs. It can get to be uncomfortable. With the Mini Max you have a 10″ diameter seat, made of the same material many restaurant chairs are made of. It is called polyamide and it is a material known for its resistance and durability. It can resist all kinds of weather conditions and is also considered to be an environmentally friendly material. I find it easier to sit on for longer periods of time.

The way the Mini Max works is that you carry it around on your shoulder like a canteen (it is approximately the same size as an old Boy Scout canteen.) Then when you want to deploy it, you simply grab the two holes on top and pull/twist on the telescopic body of the stool. It is made from 120 segments that form together a strong and flexible basis while the optimal balance between weight, dimensions and strength is maintained.


You can make it as high as 17.7″ or any height lower than that down to two inches. It fits in a suitcase or even a briefcase and can go anywhere.

The biggest advantage it has over the Walkstool Comfort is that it doesn’t sink into sand, or mud. I have only been using mine for a week, but I already can see it has greater utility.

Oh yeah, and the Mini Max costs a lot less than the Walkstool Comfort. At $49 the Mini Max is almost half the price of the larger Walkstool Comfort.


There is only one drawback to the Mini Max but I am willing to live with it. It isn’t as tall as the  prefer the Walkstool Comfort. The old stool I had could be as high as 22″. If you are very tall, this is something you will need to consider. Otherwise, I have no caveats.

You can get your Mini Max at Hunt’s Photo & Video. It’s also the perfect holiday gift for any photographer.

Highly Recommended.

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  1. I have a similar one and I love it. Use it for photography, gardening, watching nieces play softball

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