Picture Methods Podcast 2020 Episode 1

Picture Methods Podcast 2020 Episode 1

Thanks for joining me on the flagship podcast of the PictureMethods blog where we deliver free insights and inspiration for photographers. The show drops on the first Friday of each month.

On today’s show we celebrate a full year of Picture Methods podcasts. We’ve passed the one year mark on the blog and I appreciate all the nice comments from those who visit here often. I will try to keep it going another year. I appreciate your suggestions for the show. Keep em coming.

Beginning 2019, I am going to change the format of the show just a little bit. There will be four segments to each episode.

1. Random Thoughts

This will be either me talking about my own projects or other things in the industry that interest me. This will replace the news segment which is consistently the segment that gets the fewest listens. There may be some news thrown in here if it’s important.

2. Interview

The interview segment is very popular so it will become a little longer. This month’s interview guest is Derrick Story. We’re going to talk about the future of photography.

3. Q&A

This remains the most popular segment of the show. Send your questions to Scott@picturemethods.com if you would like them considered for the next episode.

4. Encouragement

Another popular segment and my attempt to put something positive out into a world that seems to grow more nasty as the days go by.

I hope you like the new format. With that, let’s get into:


For those of you following along, Olympus is still not going out of business. Anyone who says they are is simply misinformed or worse.

I want to discuss my trip to Bosque this year. It was great fun and I thought I’d share some of the highlights…

I will be going back in 2020 with a workshop so if you’re interested in attending, send me email at scott@picturemethods.com. Seats sell out very early so don’t delay.


Okay as promised, here’s my pal Derrick Story with some massive wisdom on the future of photography.


Our first question is about back button focus.

I was wondering if you use or recommend back button focus for bird photography, more specifically, for birds in flight.

Steff Obkirchner
Albany NY

When is it useful to use fill flash in nature photography?

Doug from Edmonton Alberta Canada

How best do I create two or more comparative images in Luminar?
What I’ve been doing seems unnecessarily convoluted:
1) Edit as I decide
2) duplicate that edited image in the Finder/Folder
3) edit the names slightly to differentiate to v1 and v2
4) Edit v2 and
5) now I can compare side-by-side.
Thoughts ?

Mr. Kit Griffin, Vancouver Canada

I shoot with a Canon 5DMII, works just great but after 20 days in Nepal I am hating the weight, the extra space for carrying lenses, the CF reader this is not going to work anymore in my laptop, etc. Would you have a recommendation on travel gear? I know you shoot Olympus not a problem. I might be ready for something else.

Rodrigo Alva
Springfield VA.

I just finished my second year of what I consider to be serious photography. But now I have a serious problem. I have thousands of images to edit. Do pros like you really edit each and every photo you take? How do you deal with this problem?

Joey Redmond from Orlando, FL.

If you have photography questions you’d like answered on the show, just send me an email to Scott@picturemethods.com. I cannot guarantee that every question will make the podcast but I will read them all and occasionally answer them directly.

Remember, there can be no Q&A segment without the Q!!!


We all have to deal with rejection in our lives. And not just in our photography lives. Heck, I am a pro at being rejected. But with all that experience, I’ve gained perspective. I want you to know you’re not alone if you’ve been rejected. Trying to get a gallery show or a new client but rejected? Join the club. Enter a contest and don’t win anything? Yep, been there. Moreover, so have a whole bunch of other very famous, successful artists.

You really are not alone.

Claude Monet – As the founder of French Impressionism, Monet’s paintings usually dealt with landscape scenes in a moment. While his seminal work “Impression, Sunrise” is now studied and appreciated in art colleges around the world, it was widely derided by critics when it was first revealed. Monet received little but abuse from public and critics alike, who complained that the paintings were formless, unfinished, and ugly. He’s now one of the most famous artists in the world.

Vincent Van Gogh – Now here’s a guy who was literally locked up for being crazy. Without his time in insane asylums and self-inflicted ear mutilation, the world would have never had “The Starry Night” and “The Potato Eaters.” Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime.

Paul Cezanne – Considered by many as the father of modern art. He made significant contributions to the art world. Few significant artists ever had less success.

Rejection is just part of the process. When you are rejected, do not take it personally. The great Zig Ziglar used to say that rejection was just something that happened when you were talking to the wrong prospect. Eventually the right one comes along.

I spent decades being ridiculed for telling people I wanted to be a professional bird photographer and now I am – wait for it – a professional bird photographer. If I can make it so can you. Stick it out. Hang on. When others hate, you create.

Wrapping up…

Next month, I’ll have another special guest join me on the show. I’ll also have the rest of the new format. I hope you’ll listen in.

Also, please do me a favor if you like the show. Please subscribe (for free) to the iTunes version of the show – even if you listen somewhere else. It helps us gain traction. Please consider subscribing (for free) to the blog – you can use the little black box that appears in the sidebar of every post to do that. It will give you updates every time there’s ANYTHING new at Picture Methods. And lastly, please consider signing up for my free quarterly newsletter – you can do so at http://bit.ly/picturemethodsnewsletter

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I really hope you enjoyed this episode of the Picture Methods podcast – see you next month.

And while we’re all waiting for the next episode, let’s root for each other!

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