If You Use A Tripod – You Need To See This

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Time to Meet Platyball.

Platyball presents a new, revolutionary way to level. Featuring an inverted design, single handed ergonomics and a unique twist-action Arca compatible clamp, we have literally taken the classic tripod head design and turned it upside down. Redesigned from the ground up, the Platyball becomes an extension of your hand and allows you to quickly level your camera better than ever before. It is heavy duty and accurate to 0.5 a degree.

Watch the Introductory Video…

Industry veteran Jay P. Morgan gives you HIS take on the new product here.

You can learn more about the Platyball over at Kickstarter.

I have known Larry Tiefenbrunn and his family for several years. They are simply the nicest people in the world.

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Larry “Dr. T.” has been a pediatrician for over 35 years and a photographer for more than 45. In his photography he attempts to capture the “ordinary” and to help others, especially young people, to see the world in an extraordinary way. Motivated by his desire to look at objects from different perspectives, especially the low-lying child’s view, he designed the perfect compact mini tripod, the Platypod, in a flat and sturdy design. Larry’s quest to perfect the ergonomics of camera support has now led him to this new redesign of the tripod ball head, the Platyball.

I was allowed to give Larry feedback on this product early in the development cycle and am proud to see that he implemented it. I am absolutely sure that this ballhead will revolutionize the industry and I hope you’ll consider supporting the project. He blew by his initial goal and if he is able to raise more money, he’s gonna be set.

Once you watch the videos I am sure that you will be hooked. Just like I was. From it’s innovative upside down design to the one-handed operation, there’s nothing like it. I am looking forward to getting mine and encourage you to follow suit.