My New Favorite Noise Reduction Software

My New Favorite Noise Reduction Software

Topaz DeNoise AI is really something special. It’s been years since I used an external noise reduction program, but this one is so good, I changed everything in my workflow to bring it in.

This is a very, short, introduction into DeNoise. It’s just intended to pique your curiosity. If you watch the video, my guess is you will want to try the software.

You can see the full-res video over at Vimeo ( and if you’re interested in trying Topaz products or purchasing them, I have a code for you.

To use the code (which will save you 15% off any or all Topaz Products) you must go to this link: then at checkout, enter the code METHODS to get your discount. I will have more introductions to Topaz software in the coming weeks.

NOTE – This is the straight out of the camera image with no corrections other than Topaz Denoise AI.

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  1. I discovered Topaz Denoise AI last month and it is incredibly good. I also altered my workflow to start with optical corrections and after that Denoise AI, and later creative processing.

  2. Thanks for all the great information you provide us, Scott. I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve been an Olympus shooter for the last several years and Topaz Denoise by far outperforms any other software I’ve tried. I’m often shooting wildlife near sunrise and Denoise has greatly improved the look of my final processed images. Like Jorge above, I use it after base corrections, but before any creative processing.

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