Angler Bi-Color LED Ringlight – First Look

Angler Bi-Color LED Ringlight – First Look

Angler Bi-Color LED Ringlight


Color: 3200-5600K, CRI/TLCI: 98+
120° Beam Spread, Dims 100 to 0%
1207 lux @ 3′, 100 to 240 VAC Adapter
Can Run on Optional NP-F-Type Batteries

I am shooting more and more video and even sometimes, accepting gigs that involve something that isn’t bird-related, i.e., making corporate interviews. It’s a long story but a client asked if I could do it and I told him it wasn’t my speciality, but he insisted so I have been working on this as a sideline.

One thing that I have found invaluable for run-and-gun interviews is a ring light. The ring light look is very distinctive. Most people love it or hate it and few fall in the middle. But as for me, I love it and if you want a one-light set up for your video interviews, or for shooting traditional portraits, etc., and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is your huckleberry.

Ring lights are easy to use and they offer a nice quality of light, spread uniformly through your scene. It produces a nice halo that outlines the subject. It makes even beginners look like they are masters of light.


In video work, a ring light makes a great set it and forget interview light. But it has many other potential functions.

They are great for detail shots, macro shots and even special effects.

The Angler ring light appeals to me because it is very affordable ($149.00) yet it delivers more quality than the low price would suggest. It has a dimmer switch that allows you to control its 240 SMD LEDs to cast a soft, shadowless, flattering light. You can vary the color temperature from 3200k to 5600k – (a pro feature).

I also like the fact that this is a large light source. At 18″ it will provide a very flattering light, especially on women’s and children’s faces.

It comes in a nice case with an adaptor to fit it to a light stand. It’s super fast and easy to set up. I put mine together the first time in less than five minutes. It’s also easy to get back into the storage bag which isn’t always the case with these things. I can always get them out, but often have issues with getting them back in the case.

For those doing critical work, this ring light is very accurate. The Angler ring light has high CRI and TLCI ratings of 98.5 and 98.6 indicating superior accuracy in color rendering.


Out of the box it comes with an AC power cord that allows you to simply plug the light in and turn it on. If you are going mobile, it has two slots that accept separately-purchased NP-F-type batteries for situations where AC power is unavailable. Two NP-F975-type batteries will give you approximately 2.5 hours of run time.

I wish that the product came with the batteries, but my assumption is that the manufacturer opted to let those who need battery power spring for that option and in so doing, kept the sale price lower.

The Angler ring light is compatible with both small cameras and smartphones. The mini ball head allows adjustment of the camera to aim it through the ring light’s center opening, while the smartphone bracket does the same for your phone. I personally would use a beefier ball head than the one that comes with the light if I were shooting with an interchangeable lens camera. If you’re just shooting with your smartphone, then the ball head is more than sufficient. I can testify that the smartphone bracket is very versatile. Similar brackets often cannot support larger smartphones like my Apple 11 Pro Max. But my phone fit inside the bracket with no problem.

You can order the Angler ring light here. At less than $150, I cannot think of anything that matches the quality of light coming from this unit.

I have only played with mine for a week, and have no idea how tough the unit is. It is made of plastic so you want to treat it carefully. Bouncing it off the studio floor would probably not be a good idea. If you are a reasonable person with reasonable expectations and exercise a reasonable amount of care, my assumption is that this light will serve you for many years.


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  1. Hello Scott
    Love your content and listen to your Picture Methods podcast!
    This ring light is on sale today as part of B&H deal of the day (02/25/2020) for $99
    Winter Garden FL

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