20 Ideas For Quarantined Photographers

Egret Photo by Scott Bourne

NOTE: This post is a slightly different version of an essay I wrote for a book of mine called 72 Essays for Photographers…

“When I photograph, what I’m really doing is seeking answers to things.”
– Wynn Bullock

Okay, it’s a new normal. The things we were all concerned about 90 days ago seem insignificant. COVID-19 is changing the landscape. But know this…one day, it will all be over and we’ll resume worrying about petty things.

In the meantime, it’s a great chance to exercise your photography skills. Almost anyone who can read this post should be able to do most of these. If your circumstances limit you from doing a few of them, then do the ones you CAN do. I guarantee you that it will make you a better photographer and when things calm down, you’ll be glad you did these exercises.

Either way, it’s something for you to do to occupy your time while sheltering in place. So have fun with it.

Here are my 20 ideas for quarantined photographers:

1.Photograph your definition of “Sunday Afternoon”

2.Photograph a person standing in a doorway

3.Photograph two subjects that don’t go together like a basketball team standing in a swimming pool wearing their basketball uniforms

4.Randomly pick a window in your house and make photographs from and through that window everyday for a week

5.Photograph shadows

6.Photograph a delivery driver dropping off packages at your door

7.Photograph something that reminds you of a vivid dream you once had

8.Photograph colors as if they were the emotion they represent

9.Photograph an extreme close-up

10.Photograph from a balcony

11.Photograph the concept of waiting

12.Photograph hair as if it were landscape

13.Photograph mother’s cooking

14.Photograph “cold”

15.Photograph the juxtaposition of young and old

16.Photograph silence

17.Photograph a dinner party

18.Photograph a musician

19.Photograph the night sky from your backyard

20.Photograph a self portrait


Maybe you have more ideas beyond my 20? Share them in the comments section. We’re all looking for something to do. Chime in if you have additional ideas.

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