Topaz Updated Mask AI

Topaz Updated Mask AI

Topaz Labs updated Mask AI. On Sale $20 off thru May 4. V1.2 includes improved processing models for a better masking experience. Current users get update free.

Windows users can update their copy to V.1.2 here.

Mac users can update their copy to V.1.2 here.

Remember if you already own Mask A.I. there is no charge for the update. That is one of the things I like about Topaz products. When they are doing updates they are usually free.

Raptor Photo by Scott Bourne

I use Mask A.I. as the first step in my photo painting workflow. I could do it by hand, but it saves me a bunch of time to use Mask A.I.

If you want to buy Mask AI use this link and code METHODS at check out for additional 15% off.

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