Video: Basic Tutorial On Photo Painting

Egret Photo Painting by Scott Bourne

I’ve been asked several times to make a tutorial on how I go about doing my photo paintings. I plan to release several videos showing various parts of that process. It’s too much for one video and there are too many nuances to how I do it. So here is a part of it. It’s aimed at beginners. It shows you A WAY to accomplish what I do. I do not believe this is the ONLY way or even the BEST way. It is just MY way. So if I left something out, I didn’t forget to include it. I decided AGAINST including it in favor of showing A WAY that I think will help beginners grasp the concept. I hope you find it helpful.

You can get the video link here if the video doesn’t work for you from the blog page. (

By the way – The price is free. I refuse to go lower 🙂



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