Picture Methods Podcast 2020 Episode 7

Picture Methods Podcast Art Featuring Scott Bourne

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Picture Methods Podcast 2020 Episode 7

Today is all about bird photography.

My special guest is Alan Murphy. He’s one of the top bird photographers in the world and someone who’s work I really admire.

Alan is with me for the whole show and it’s all about bird photography. If you’re not interested in bird photography or at least hearing about it, you may want to skip this month’s show. But I happen to think it’s worth a listen no matter what because Alan’s knowledge, experience and passion are unsurpassed.


Last month my guest Ant Pruitt and I decided to give away a Platypod to someone who sent in a picture of stuff around the house. The winner is Ben Green from New York City. The pic appears below. Thanks to everyone who entered. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 9.42.30 PM


Wrapping up…

I’ll be back with another show on the first Friday in August.

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The second camera giveaway is now closed. I will announce the winner here on May 15.

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