Topaz Updates Mask AI & Puts It On Sale

Several people have contacted me about how I make my photo paintings. It starts with a traditional bird photo and then I mask out the bird using Topaz Mask AI. Then I add a texture, a background or both and blend them in. Lastly I use Topaz Studio to create the painting effect.

I have never been satisfied with Adobe’s masking tools. They are clunky and far from intuitive. When I started using Mask AI my masking skills catapulted to the next level and I started getting near perfect masks right away.

This week Topaz announced a new version of Mask AI. Like most of their tools, Mask AI is updated frequently without charge. You purchase the program and own it. There is no monthly fee. You get all the updates to that version free until Topaz releases a whole new version which is every year or two. You don’t ever HAVE to pay for an upgrade to continue using the program and the upgrade as well as sale prices are very affordable in my opinion.

Mask AI is now on sale through Friday, September 4, 2020. Mask AI will be available for $79.99 (regularly $99.99) through Friday, September 4. The Creator Bundle, which includes Mask AI, Adjust AI, and Topaz Studio 2, is also on sale through the same dates and is discounted to $129.99 (regularly $149.99).

I can save you an additional 15% off those prices with a special code for my audience. Go to this link: and at checkout, enter the code METHODS. That gets you 15% off any and all Topaz products. Note that you must do both steps. Go to this link: and use the code METHODS at checkout.

They also have free trials for all their products so you don’t have to take my word for it. I think this stuff is great and have been using it religiously since January of this year.


This update includes a new translucent processing model for fabrics and semi-transparent/non-reflective materials (e.g. think bride with a long veil). The update also includes a new toolbar for the trimap brushes and tools for improved workflow experience. Along with improved range for the color brush tools, there are several other tweaks and improvements.

There is no additional purchase required for this update for current Mask AI owners. Current owners can simply visit and download the update from there.