More Updates From Topaz

More Updates From Topaz

Since last January, I have been using Topaz Labs software as a regular part of my workflow. I still use Luminar for my RAW decoder and as a catalog and I still use some of my custom presets that I made for Luminar.

But tasks like masking, noise reduction, sharpening, and more I am handing off to Topaz.

Topaz continues to improve their software, often doing the updates for free.

They have updated Mask AI with improved tools, AI refinements, and built-in tutorials to help photographers create masks faster than ever.

They have continued to make speed and quality improvements to Video Enhance AI. to give you the best AI-powered video upscaling tool on the market. If you have old Pre-4K video footage this tool will save your bacon.

If you already have Mask AI, go here for the free update (

Video Enhance AI has received some more great changes, including improved video IO, new bitrate settings for MP4, Theia model updates, and auto Save/Load to help you streamline your video workflow.

That product is usually $299.99 but for a limited time is only $199.99.

I can save you 15% off the price of any of these products, including those on sale. You must go to this link …

Then enter the code METHODS at check out. To get the 15% off Topaz products you must use the link I provided AND the code METHODS.

Give this stuff a try. I was blown away by how well it works and here we are nine months later and I am still using it on a regular basis.

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