Topaz Does It Again – New Update To Gigapixel AI

Topaz Does It Again – New Update To Gigapixel AI

The update is FREE if you have a current license and the new Gigapixel AI v5.2 includes:

— A new Crop tool to crop your image without leaving Gigapixel AI

— A new “Compressed” AI processing model trained to enlarge photos with artifacts and compressed images downloaded from the internet

— A UI overhaul to give Gigapixel AI a new aesthetic and more consistency

— Faster previewing and saving of images

…And more. You can read about all the new enhancements in the release notes here.

For users with expired licenses of Gigapixel AI, you can still use the previous version of Gigapixel AI free of charge, but to experience the new features in v5.2, users will need to purchase a one-year license renewal for $49. Users will need to be logged into their Topaz account before clicking on this link for their license renewal.

Topaz announced the license renewal program at the beginning of this year, intending for it to not be implemented until this fall to allow for a grace period and smooth transition. They released many free updates this year to their applications, but this is the first paid upgrade to go in effect since announcing the program. More information can be found about their pricing changes here.

I repeat – There is no additional purchase required for this update for users with an active upgrade license. Users with an active license can simply visit and download the update from there. Users can check their license status by logging into their Topaz account and clicking “My Products.”

To promote their latest update, Topaz is launching a special sale. Gigapixel AI will be available for $79.99 (regularly $99.99) through Friday, November 6. The Utility Bundle, which includes DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI, Sharpen AI, and JPEG to RAW AI, is also on sale through the same dates and is discounted to $195 (regularly $249.99).

I can save you an additional 15% off these prices if you use the following link and code.

Use this link:

Select the items you wish to purchase and at check out – use the code METHODS.

Note you must use both this link ( and the code METHODS to get the 15% discount.

PLEASE NOTE! Upgrading is NOT required. The program you purchased still works and does everything it did on the day you purchased it. This upgrade is optional. Unlike Photoshop, which will simply stop working if you stop paying, this is not a subscription service. It is an optional upgrade service. It costs lots of money to develop computer software, and like you, the software engineers who work on these improvements want to get a paycheck for their work. Your purchase of new paid versions (once your existing license runs out) is your way of saying thank you for the hard work.

I personally think the upgrade is worthwhile. Everything is faster and smoother and the UI is improved. Enjoy.

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  1. Scott,

    Was it Topaz that created a software to help clean up and sharpen photos? I think I remember you talking about it?

    Thank you! Jay


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