Topaz released new Sharpen A.I. 2.2

Topaz released the new Sharpen AI 2.2 version. If you don’t already have Sharpen A.I., I can save 15%. You have to use this link and then use code METHODS at checkout. This works on ANY Topaz product, not just Sharpen A.I. NOTE: You must use BOTH the link AND the code to get the discount.

The new version of Sharpen A.I. adds following features:

Added new models that work better on noisy images
– Enable new models by toggling on the “Extra Noise Suppression” option under the settings sliders
Added comparison view
– Should work the same as in DeNoise AI
Added option to move controls to left side
– You can toggle this in preferences
Added tutorial/demo image area on the bottom of the opening screen

I’ve owned, used or tested every major piece of photo sharpening software produced since Adobe launch Photoshop. In my opinion, and based on 10 solid months of use, Sharpen A.I. is the best of the best. If there’s ever something better, I will switch and I will let everyone know. But for now, I think this is as good as it gets.