Micro Four Thirds Is Doing Just Fine Thank You

I will opine on such things less often than I used to, but in an age where people can claim the Earth is flat and convince 40% of their fellow humans to believe them, it’s important to (at least once in a while) sprinkle some actual facts onto the landscape in the hopes that someone who is capable of critical thinking (I know, it’s a lost art these days but I remain hopeful) will come upon said facts and spread them around to refute the nonsense.

For at least five years, I’ve been hearing that Micro Four Thirds is dead. A popular YouTube photographer makes a good living selling this and similar memes. I get it. We live in a world where “National Enquirer” is considered deep thinking. But the truth (which doesn’t sell as well) is that Micro Four Thirds is not dead. It’s not even dying. It’s doing just fine.

There are now 56 companies (that’s right – 56 – not just Olympus and Panasonic) participating in the M43 consortium. Four new M43 cameras conforming to the standard were introduced just last year. And many more lenses.

M43 products received a 21.7% share in the Japanese market last year, making Micro Four Thirds the top-selling lens mount in Japan, according to BCN ranking data.

Now you might say, “I don’t live in Japan so why should I care?” Here’s why. Five of the largest camera companies in the world are Japanese. What sells well in Japan will be extended world-wide.

I know that there are those who are obsessed with full-frame and larger sensors. Forget 4k. Forget 8k. They’re waiting for 16k! (All so that they can capture images which will primarily be shared as low-res jpegs on Instagram – but I digress.) It’s okay. If you want a big sensor go for it. But there are plenty of us who see no need for one.

When you hear someone say M43 is dead. Here’s my advice. Don’t try to argue with them because we appear to now live in a world where facts are the enemy. But DO recognize them as someone who spreads “fake news” and spend your time looking elsewhere.

If you have, or like, or use or want a M43 camera system, you are not alone. I’ve used M43 exclusively for more than four years now and I’ve never personally felt like I am missing anything. Instead, I feel like I’ve gained a whole big bunch.

That’s my two cents. Thanks for reading my rant.