Visit My New Site

I’ve decided to start using a new platform that is a combination of a social media network, a blog, and so much more. It’s called BUYMEACOFFEE. It’s a little like Patreon but better.

You can find my profile at

I will be posting my pictures, random photography-related information, videos and updates on Olympus over on that site.

I will not have any advertising on the site nor will I do promotions there. It’s 100% content based with the notion that if you like it, you can buy me a coffee (or in my case a Diet Coke) by contributing a few bucks. There’s no obligation. Just stop by from time-to-time. Check it out.

If I get any real traction there I will start a monthly “subscriber-only” post that only cost $1 a month, but I want to see if there’s a market for that. Anything I publish for subscribers will be 100% new and exclusive to the BUYMEACOFFEE platform. So come on by if you’re of a mind to do so. Even if you don’t BUYMEACOFFEE you are welcome.