Announcing New Dalmation Pelican Workshop

Come join me in Greece, February – 2023. We’re going to one of the the top bird sites for birdwatching in all of Europe. Lake Kerkini is an extremely important area for the passage, wintering and breeding of both waterfowl and raptors as well as for the breeding of migratory songbirds.

The National Park of Kerkini Lake, situated just 35 Km from the town of Serres and about 80 Km from Thessaloniki, is an area of enormous ecological value and one out of ten wetlands of International Importance for Greece.

The riparian vegetation consisting of riparian forests of wild willows, the water-lilies covering an area of thousands of hectares, the buffalos swimming in the lake’s calm water and the impressive surrounding mountains covered with mixed forests of beech and fir; give a unique beauty to this magnificent area.

This is a first-class, all-inclusive (except airfare) trip and it will be just you, me, our guide, our boat captain and two other photographers. Two of the three seats are already sold. ONE SEAT LEFT! Email for more info. Get the complete info guide on my Dalmation Pelican Workshop Here.