Topaz Does It Again – New AI Product Launch

Topaz Labs just launched Photo AI, which automatically detects and fixes image quality issues with deep learning, allowing photographers to focus on the creative editing process in much less time.

They call their AI – “Autopilot” and it’s designed for maximizing image quality.

The interesting thing about this release is that unlike almost every other AI product I’ve tested, this one is not aimed at using Black Magic to somehow make your dull photograph look like it was filmed in TECHNICOLOR.

Instead, it’s more of a straight photography approach.

Topaz Photo AI will help photographers maximize image quality faster and more accurately than ever before by pairing its extensively trained AI models and deep learning capabilities with its brand new Autopilot inspector and improved RAW workflow options.

It focuses on tools that maximize resolution, detail, and clarity. That’s it. And for many of us, that’s all we need.

I am not one who considers myself a “purist.” I have no trouble doing anything and everything in post I can to improve my photos because I am not a photojournalist and there is no such thing as “reality” in photography.

That said, I’ve been at this 50 years and most of the time I get things right in camera. But the digital process in and of itself yields some imperfections, i.e., a slight softening of the image sometimes or a lack of detail and this tool fixes that without a heavy-handed approach.

I’ve been testing it for a week and using it daily. So far, I am really impressed.

According to Topaz Labs, they spent years training and refining its AI models to address some of the most common issues affecting the objective image quality of its users’ photos.

I can believe that. When I was President of Skylum software training the Luminar AI was an exhaustive and painstaking process. I think Topaz takes a totally different approach but I like the results just the same. Luminar lets you make all sorts of changes to the picture beyond the basics. Topaz Photo AI assumes you got it close and the program just helps you over the last hurdle.

Until now, Topaz Labs has offered three individual applications to address different image quality issues: DeNoise AI for removing noise, Sharpen AI for de-blurring soft-focus images, and Gigapixel AI for upscaling low-resolution images. While each of these apps provides remarkable results within their unique purviews, the reality is that any single photo could suffer from multiple image quality issues.

A user may also not be completely sure which combination of applications would serve them best as they try to remedy those core image quality issues. And supporting multiple AI models in these applications makes things even more complicated, requiring the user to run through different models in different applications to get the best results.

“With Topaz Photo AI, we want to make the entire process of identifying those core image quality issues and applying the most appropriate remedies automatic and transparent. That process is exactly what we set out to build for Topaz Photo AI,” says Partha Acharjee, Topaz Labs Sr. Research Engineer.

If you’ve heard me on podcasts you know that generally, I don’t like to spend much time in post (The exception being when I am doing toy photography.) So I appreciate the Topaz Labs approach which is laser focused on getting you to the creative editing process faster.

Topaz Photo AI is available for purchase at . The price is $199.00 for new customers and includes Windows and macOS versions of the application with two license seats allowing simultaneous usage on two computers.

If you act before October 7, using my link above, you can get $40 off and buy it for $159.00. Additional seat licenses can be purchased for $99 each.

Each new purchase includes one year of complimentary updates. Customers can purchase a Product Upgrade Plan for $99.00, which includes an additional year of updates for two license seats. The Product Upgrade Plan for each additional seat is $49.00

Existing customers who own all three Image Quality applications (DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI) and are within a valid update cycle will receive Topaz Photo AI for free. The Topaz Photo AI update cycle expiration will automatically be set to the latest date of the existing applications.

Existing customers who own all three Image Quality applications (DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI) but are not within a valid update cycle can purchase a Product Upgrade Plan and get Topaz Photo AI for free with one year of updates included.

This is a buyout. It’s not rent to own. You will not need to upgrade or update at a later date if you choose not to. The software will work as long as your computer runs. That said, updates that come after the free one-year grace period may be worthwhile as Topaz continues to improve the product, but you’re not locked in like you would be on a subscription program where the software stops working if you don’t pay your monthly fee.


If all you need is a quick, reliable, easy and affordable way to fix noise, sharpening, detail and resolution in your images, this is the software for you. Likewise, if you’re new to post-processing and not sure what your photos need, you might want to give this a try. It does the analyzing for you and in my experience, it gets things right the vast majority of the time.

Highly recommended. Remember to use this link to save $40 before Oct 15.