Seven Accessories That Make The Fuji X100V My Perfect Camera

Seven Accessories That Make The Fuji X100V My Perfect Camera

Let’s start with this simple fact. You don’t really NEED any accessories for this camera. It’s ready to go right out of the box. Its simplicity is its main selling point.

But there are a few things that I added to just make the camera a tad more useful to me and to personalize it just a bit. I tested most of the popular accessories out there to find this list. I own everything I talk about here.

Also note I am not getting into the nitty gritty like memory cards and tripods, etc. This article is just about the camera.

Here’s my list of seven things that make the X100V my perfect camera…

  1. Thumbgrip

I spent a ton of money buying five different thumb grips to test for this article. (Okay – $150 – not a ton but it was a lot!) I didn’t like any of them except the Lensmate.

The Lensmate Thumb Grip ( relaxes your thumb, gives it a place to rest (hence the name) and allows for a slightly more stable experience when photographing subjects hand-held.

There are MANY versions of this – all of them less expensive than this one. But this one has a unique and cool feature in that the thumbrest can be moved out of the way to make adjusting the shutter speed and ISO wheel easier. Other thumbrests I tried block that dial so even though this is almost 10 times more money than some cheap knockoffs, I think it’s worth it.

  1. Lens Hood

I tried several hoods and in the end settled on the Haoge Square Metal Lens Hood. (

It matches the camera’s silver finish perfectly (They have one in black too) and it helps accomplish a couple of important tasks.

The X100V is weather sealed EXCEPT – the only way to make that happen is to put a filter on the lens. The lens extends and recesses into the camera body and water or moisture could get into the body via that opening so a simple fix is to use a filter. Fuji says this makes the camera weather sealed. It can be any kind of 49mm filter. I am not a fan of UV filters but I bought a nice one (see below) because I want the protection. Mind you, I am not going to be using this camera outside my studio very often but there’s another reason to use the filter. It stops dust from getting into the camera and onto the sensor. If that happens, there’s no easy way to clean the sensor so this just puts that problem to bed.

After all that I’ll mention that it’s nice to have a lens hood (defeats flare and other problems) and this one even allows for you to put a lens cap over the top.

At $45 it isn’t cheap, but it’s another one of those things that I think are worth the money.

  1. Arca-Swiss Compatible Camera Plate

I tested several of these as well and settled on the JJC Solid Metal Hand Grip Secure Handle Bracket. (

It’s actually one of the more affordable options and I like it because it allows completely unimpeded access to the battery/memory card compartment. It fits like a glove. It is lightweight. It also provides a nice handgrip for those like me with large hands who need help holding a small camera.

I tested it on a dozen different Arca-Swiss compatible ballheads and it worked perfectly with all of them. I often work with camera supports and for me personally, Arca-Swiss compatible plates save me so much time that they really are a must have. If you never work from a tripod or any kind of support like a Platypod, you don’t need one of these.

  1. Soft Release Button

Soft release buttons are controversial in the X community (Everything is controversial these days) and I am not sure why, but I like them. You can buy one for less than five bucks but I like the look and design as well as the construction on the Lensmate Tri-Tadpole Soft Release Button. (

It will not only fit the X100 series cameras but fits any standard shutter button with a threaded hole. It’s available in a variety of colors and designs. The shutter button on these cameras can be a little challenging to get used to and this add-on just makes it more comfortable and easy to press the shutter. You can live without it for sure, but I am lucky in that I can afford whatever I think will help me have a better experience so I dropped the $20 and am happy.

  1. Strap

Camera straps are something you certainly have to buy based on your own preferences. Many people use this camera without a strap or maybe a wrist strap. I rarely use a strap but when I do, I prefer a neck strap and my choice is the Peak Design. Specifically, the Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3) (

It is very well made, comfortable and versatile. You can shorten and lengthen using dual aluminum/Hypalon quick-adjusters. Range: 33 to 57 inches.

My favorite thing about Peak Design straps is the way they mount to the camera. Using a set of anchors, they easily mount AND dismount. This means that during the majority of the time when I am working in studio and a strap is in the way, I can quickly and nearly effortlessly remove it. But if I go outside with the camera I can strap up in 15 seconds and be on my way.

One note for those street photographers out there. By default the Peak Design straps usually come with red anchors which might draw unwanted attention to those who are trying to remain stealthy. So you can buy four black anchors for $10 bucks and solve that problem.

The Peak Design Anchor 4-Pack in black is actually $9.95 on Amazon. (

  1. Battery Charger

Like many new cameras, the Fuji X100V does not ship with a battery charger. The camera can be charged via USB-C. If you already have a bunch of USB-C equipped electronics you may just prefer to stick with that.

But I am old school and like to charge my battery out of the camera when I am in studio so I bought the Wasabi Power NP-W126, NP-W126S Battery (2-Pack) Micro USB Dual Charger. (

It actually comes with two Fuji X100V compatible batteries. I have never used the batteries. I usually prefer to use batteries from the manufacturer just because I don’t like to take chances. In a pinch, I would use one. But since I am mostly working in studio there’s no excuse not to charge up the battery over night and I use this device (plugged into a high-quality surge protector) to charge my X100V battery.

  1. Filter

Regarding my conversation about weather sealing this camera; I have tested filters from just about every company on the planet and pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar the Breakthrough Photography brand filters out perform just about everything, including some filters costing five times as much. (Caveat – I do not like their polarizer filters – for some reason they don’t work for me, but everything else from them has been golden.)

I selected the Breakthrough Photography X2 UV 49mm, MRC8, Nanotec, Ultra-Slim Aluminum Frame, Weather-Sealed filter for my X100V. (

It has a 25-year warranty and costs less than $40. It uses optical-quality AGC glass made in Japan. For the money, it has no equal.


The Fuji X100V is the one camera I have decided I will never get rid of. I use it every day and these simple accessories make it just a tad more perfect than it already is. They all come highly recommended.

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  1. Thanks for the summary. I’ve been looking for a filter and a lens cap to weather seal my new x100v. It’s sad that there isn’t a Fuji original battery charger (or maybe there is?), and I couldn’t find the original battery either. So I’m stuck with one battery and having to charge it via usb c.

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