Switching To The Fuji X100V

Switching To The Fuji X100V

I am switching full time to the Fuji X100V.

I have written six articles about the camera over on my Medium page and you can find links to them below.

Read the articles if you want to know everything that went into this decision but the short answer is simple. My age and health problems have forced me to retire from field work – including bird photography. Because I have to make photos of SOMETHING to make this life still worth living, I have been photographing my toy collection. For that and general purpose photography, the X100V is the best camera I can find. Read some of the stories below if you want to know more.

Fuji’s Digital Teleconverter Adds Flexibility To X100V

My Favorite Fuji X100V Accessories

I’m Going All In On Fuji X100V

The Real Reason Minimalist Photographers Are Successful

My Desert Island Camera

Why Did Steve Jobs Wear The Same Outfit Every Day?

For a list of my toy photo gear and props go to:

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Roughly 90% of my photos are finished in Topaz Labs’ product called Topaz Photo AI. It is a one click sharpening, noise reduction, resolution enhancement tool that uses AI to see what your photo needs and only applies as much correction as is required and only to the areas that require it. Check it out at bit.ly/TopazLabsPhotoAI

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