Topaz Gigapixel AI on Sale!

Topaz Gigapixel AI on Sale!

Roughly 90% of my photos are finished in Topaz Labs’ product called Topaz Photo AI. It is a one click sharpening, noise reduction, resolution enhancement tool that uses AI to see what your photo needs and only applies as much correction as is required and only to the areas that require it.

Topaz Gigapixel AI is $99.99, comes with a 30-day – money back guarantee and is on sale thru Dec 31 – use this link to get the current lowest price.

Check it out at

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  1. Very interesting, looks like Topaz got rid of one of my big pet peeves with their software requiring separate programs for Sharpen and Denoise. But I have one big question for you. I already have Luminar Neo, and the price for the subscription that includes Supersharp and Noiseless is about the same price as Gigapixel AI. So far I’ve been disappointed by the HDR Merge add in, and still the bloated software that Luminar is on Windows. Since you have previous involvement in Skylum I’m curious on your thoughts between the two. The Neo subscription would also include a few things I don’t use very often like Focus Stacking and I’m not sure what Magic Light would do for me. I do know that Neo does a far better job of sky replacement and selection than LR or PS do.

    Perhaps a blog posting opportunity if you’re bored.

    BTW, thanks for making me aware of the Topaz offering.

    Bob Panick 734-925-1523

    1. Hi Bob I haven’t had any involvement in Skylum for several years and frankly am disappointed with their current offerings and direction – I use Luminar now but strictly as a catalog function. I do not do any post work in Luminar. I find the tools from Topaz to be superior. Just my two cents. I do think however that Luminar is better for sky replacement than photoshop but on Fuji files, using that tool leaves nasty artifacts.

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