Platypod Gear Sale Through Dec 31

Platypod gear is on sale – use discount code HOLIDAY20 to get the lowest prices of the year – ends Dec 31. Note – this is NOT an affiliate link. I make nothing if you use the code..


While the pandemic and other personal issues caused the last few years to be pretty tough on me, one thing that has been a bright spot in my world is my friendship with Larry Tiefenbrunn and Skip Cohen over at Platypod:

I was honored to be invited to ambassador status at Platypod and am now in great company with all the other Platypod Pros:

I love the product and use it almost every day. But I also love the friends I have spent time with even more.

I consider Skip to be one of my very best friends, and since 2015 when I met Larry, we have also become friends. I have used the Platypod more than any other accessory for the last seven years. I have relied on my friendship with each of these great guys even more.

I am also proud to say that Larry invited me to give him feedback on the Platyball. It’s something he let me have a lot of input in right from the start and I am so glad that it was easily funded on Kickstarter despite the problems that hit all of us during the COVID lockdowns.

Now the Platyball is shipping and readily available (two different models) and while I may be slightly biased since I helped Larry take the idea and mature it, I think it’s the best ball head out there.

And it’s on sale through the end of 2022!

So if you need a tax write off, an after thought holiday gift or just want to add something to your photography kit that will absolutely become invaluable to you, I highly recommend the Platyball or any of the other camera support accessories you can buy at

These are the lowest prices you will see this year, so if you have the itch, I advise that you scratch it while you can save some money.

Also – If you are interested in Platypod – do not miss the Platypod User Group we’re building here on Facebook. We have tons of free education, giveaways and contests and it’s probably one of the friendliest groups I’ve ever seen on FB – it’s free – so check it out whether or not you actually have a Platypod. If you’re just interested it’s a great place to get info –

Happy Holidays and here’s hoping 2023 will be a better year for all of us.