Ulanzi Quick Release – Game Changer

Ulanzi Quick Release – Game Changer

Recently, I made a big change in the way I mount my cameras to supports. I saw a video about Ulanzi’s new quick release system and it piqued my interest. I had tried similar systems in the past but they always fell short of my expectations. Given that Ulanzi is well known for very affordable but good quality gear, I spent the money to test the system and I am very glad I did.

I started with the Ulanzi Claw QR Plate Kit – https://amzn.to/3PYp0rv

This product now seems to be owned by SmallRig – another name I trust when it comes to grip. The Claw Quick Release Plate originally created by ULANZI allows you to release and set up between camera/smartphone/tripod/monopod/stabilizer/slider quickly instead of screwing.

It uses a quick release top cap mount could connect CLAW series products, allowing you to swtich easily and quickly. It also can quickly and easily switch between several claw quick release plates.

It’s a small and lightweight aluminum alloy product, weighing only 0.13 lbs but it can bear up to 110 lbs!

I have tried it with every piece of gear I own and it never has failed. What really sold me is that it uses an Arca interface. If you want to incorporate this with your existing Arca-Swiss grip you have no worries. Sometimes it is more convenient to connect the Arca tripod ballhead and stabilizer if they already have mounts.

There are several 1/4 screw holes are added at the bottom to provide more connection points so you can rig this to about anything. Two screws can also be connected to the stabilizer to make your device more stable.

It comes with a professional-grade quick release plate that enables quick and easy transfer among your camera and tripod. It’s a real time saver. With this system you don’t need to constantly rig different plates to your gear.

There is a safety system slide lock that means your camera will not accidentally fall off. It’s all solidly built with aluminum alloy that is sturdy and durable. The maximum load 110.231 lbs. It’s safe, secure and easy to use. It has a rubber pad to help avoid slippage and I am very impressed with this given the low price point.

I bought several of the units and installed them on my most used accessories. I liked them so much I took the next step and bought one of the ball heads.

The ULANZI Ball Head with Claw Super Quick Release is the next logical step for this system after you’ve installed the Claw QR plates on your accessories. This gives you a base to use that includes the Claw so it’s more sturdy and reliable and frankly just easier with less fuss and muss. It’s an impressive bullhead for the money. It’s a well-made panoramic ball head with a cold shoe that can hold up to 44.1 lbs. It can mount to a slider, a tripod, a light stand, a monopod, etc. https://amzn.to/3EXrtfN

The design includes a cold shoe which is unique. I’ve never seen it on a ball head before. It offers a vlog microphone mount solution.

The ball head uses all of the same technology I described above for the Claw QR system.

It has a standard 1/4 to 3/8 Screw Adapter and a 3/8 ” bottom screw thread–You can attach it to your tripod, monopod or camera slider for adding more flexibility in angle changing.


The ability to quickly and easily move the camera (or other accessory) from mount to mount with a basic click makes this my new favorite way to rig a studio. It’s more than capable of handling an iPhone rigged with cage or a small mirrorless camera. It’s rated for 44 lbs but my motto is trust half the rated spec. Still at 22 lbs that’s a lot of gear.

Give it a try. Ulanzi is very affordable and very reliable gear. They just keep getting better and there’s no need to spend a fortune when this level of quality is available on a budget price point. Highly Recommended.

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