Seven Tips For Newbie Macro Photographers…

Seven Tips For Newbie Macro Photographers…

Here are seven quick tips for macro newbies

  1. Depth-of-field is VERY, VERY, VERY narrow when you are in macro mode. Stop way down and you still may have a fraction of a fraction of an inch in terms of depth-of-field.
  2. Keeping in mind tip one, be sure of your focus. Manual focus is usually best in macro. If your camera has manual focusing tools like focus peaking, use them and put the focus on the exact point where you want the viewer’s attention.
  3. Make sure your camera is locked down tight. Tripod, Platypod, bean bag, whatever – find a way to steady the camera.
  4. Compose in the camera. You may have fewer options to crop in post when working in macro.
  5. Pay strict attention to both your foreground and background and eliminate clutter or distracting objects.
  6. Most modern Olympus cameras offer focus stacking. If your camera offers focus stacking use this to defeat the very narrow depth-of-field you find in macro work.
  7. Make sure to light the subject. You need light that you can put directly on the pinpoint of focus in the frame, not the background or foreground (unless you are looking for some sort of special creative effect.

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