Seven Ways Threads Is Better Than Twitter or Insta

Seven Ways Threads Is Better Than Twitter or Insta

In my opinion, Twitter has become unusable. It’s now home to Nazis and bullies, and trolls. I closed my account there and deleted it from my phone and am glad I did.

Instagram is not as bad but it’s getting there. Enter a new kid on the block. Threads.

I’m on Threads as @bourne.scott. Install the app to follow my threads and replies.

If you follow me there I will follow you back. There are some distinct advantages to Threads for photographers.

  1. You can post an image in any aspect ratio and it will work.
  2. Instagram is heavily slanted towards reels/video now – not stills.
  3. You will see no ads (for now) on Threads.
  4. You can easily eliminate the influence of trolls because unlike most sites where blocking them only keeps YOU from seeing their activity; on Threads you can block a comment on your feed by a troll and make sure NOBODY sees it.
  5. It’s free.
  6. There is much higher engagement per follower than on most other sites.
  7. Elon Musk has not one thing to do with it.

Check it out.

2 Responses

  1. Hello Scott,

    I tried to install Threads but got the message that it is not available in my region (Europe).

    If I am not wrong, Threads is also a product of Meta, i.e. the Zuckerberg empire. Therefore, I am a bit sceptical whether this new app will be better than Insta in the long run. But I would give it a try.

    I fully agree with you that X is mainly a home for Nazis and trolls. I also observe that Insta is moving into a direction I do not like. Still photos are pushed aside and the focus is on videos (“reels”). Furthermore, advertisement has increased significantly. In other words, Insta is trying to copy TikTok.

    All the best for you


    1. Hi sorry it isn’t in Europe yet – I assume it will be. And I have heard many people make the argument that Threads will not be better than Instagram simply because both are owned by META. That may end up being true. But one thing I have done successfully in my life is learn how to live in the moment. It makes absolutely no sense to me not to use the app today because it MIGHT – it MIGHT be just as bad as Instagram SOME DAY. I’ll use it now and if things change I will re-evaluate. I don’t think there are many options. Instagram is indeed trying to copy TikTok. Meta seems to have different plans for Threads. Why wouldn’t they? It doesn’t track for me that they would build something that is like what they already own. Time will tell. Thanks for your comment.

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