If you’ve followed me any length of time, you know that I use a great many products from B&H’s various house brands. I have never been unhappy with anything I received from them and I know they work hard to deliver quality that matches the name brands without attaching the high price tag that usually goes with those brands.

After a month of use I can safely say this ball head is highly recommended. You can spend more for a ball head but if it’s in a similar size and spec range, you won’t get much if anything for your money.

The Genaray Full Moon 18″ Bi-Color LED Light is the latest edition to my home photography studio. It is a B&H exclusive. B&H has lots of house brands (which go by a variety of brand names.) I actually have many of their B&H exclusives in my studio> I’ve used some of them years. I’ve tested most of their stuff and in a way most reviewers do not. I have used the gear on actual photo shoots, including some assigned work and other work bound for publication. I have conducted many long term tests of their gear. This gets me really acclimated to the products.

The Olympus OM-1 (In the future it will be called ‘OM System’) immediately brought my 68-year-old brain back to the days when I bought my first Olympus OM-system film camera. That camera changed my life. And if I were still a practicing, professional, bird photographer I have no doubt this camera would do likewise.