If you’ve followed me any length of time, you know that I use a great many products from B&H’s various house brands. I have never been unhappy with anything I received from them and I know they work hard to deliver quality that matches the name brands without attaching the high price tag that usually goes with those brands.

After a month of use I can safely say this ball head is highly recommended. You can spend more for a ball head but if it’s in a similar size and spec range, you won’t get much if anything for your money.

The Genaray Full Moon 18″ Bi-Color LED Light is the latest edition to my home photography studio. It is a B&H exclusive. B&H has lots of house brands (which go by a variety of brand names.) I actually have many of their B&H exclusives in my studio> I’ve used some of them years. I’ve tested most of their stuff and in a way most reviewers do not. I have used the gear on actual photo shoots, including some assigned work and other work bound for publication. I have conducted many long term tests of their gear. This gets me really acclimated to the products.

The Olympus OM-1 (In the future it will be called ‘OM System’) immediately brought my 68-year-old brain back to the days when I bought my first Olympus OM-system film camera. That camera changed my life. And if I were still a practicing, professional, bird photographer I have no doubt this camera would do likewise.

I’ve published more than 9000 blog posts, magazine articles and podcasts and NEVER – EVER did I expect I’d be writing a review like this one. Hold on to your horses. I love a SONY camera. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Surprised the heck out of me too. But just because (and only because) I am at a stage in my career where size, weight and image quality have to be just right, I am able to say I love the Sony a7C.

They are both very good and while the Sony is more expensive, it’s not like it’s overpriced. You get good value there for your money. BUT…

The Tamron price is ridiculously low for all this technology and high image quality.

The Tamron is not a perfect lens but it’s probably better than most of the photographers who are using it. And I do not think the Sony is $600 to $850 better than the Tamron – not even close.