When it comes to memory cards, I used to tell people I generally use any name-brand card with high data transfer rates. I never found much advantage to one over the other. Then came the Lexar debacle. I had problems (apparently I am not alone) with Lexar cards failing and even breaking and I decided it was time to look more closely at this topic.

The Olympus Tough TG-6 (Available at B&H or on Amazon) is the little camera that could. I’ve had the previous two versions and enjoyed them. My TG-5 has been a real trooper. I’ve taken it to the Arctic where I stood on the bow of a boat, in 12 foot seas…I’ve taken it to the swamps of Florida where it was hot, humid and wet…I’ve taken it to the concrete jungles of Hong Kong to the tops of some of the tallest buildings in the world and I’ve taken it to the cobblestone streets of central Kiev – no matter where I have been, I always have the Tough camera with me and it is WAY better than you would expect it to be. It’s versatile, rugged but most importantly fun.

I am writing a brief post to talk about some of the tools I am using to create video. I am involved in a long-term project that won’t see light of day until Jan 2020 – but it occurred to me, I had to do a lot of research to figure out what tools I need to pull it off and maybe I can share my experiences here and possibly save someone from wasting the hours I did looking for solutions.

You want a new camera – but which camera? You want to make the best decision you can. You may turn to some of the popular and large online camera forums to get advice. All you have to do is read through those camera forums to find out how NOT to buy a camera. The things that most of these folks comment on baffle me.