My annual trip to Bosque del Apache, National Wildlife Refuge is complete. I arrived home this past weekend. I drove 3100 miles round trip in my new 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo X. By the way, when I say “annual” that was pre-COVID. In 2020 I did not go to Bosque because of the virus and it was very strange not to be in New Mexico around Thanksgiving. While things are not completely normal, the Refuge management DID grant me a commercial permit for this year (necessary for leading photo workshops on federal wildlife refuge property) and if they were willing to issue the permit, I was willing to go.

’ve decided to put together a guide to sharper images. Please note this is not a scientific guide or a white paper. It’s got more information in it than my typical blog posts, but it’s not EVERY SINGLE THING you can think of when it comes to sharp photos. It does contain just about everything you really NEED to know. It’s a thesis based on my own decades of experience trying to both understand what a sharp picture is all about, and how to go about getting one. It’s written with one goal – to help you get sharp photos.