“Your photography is a record of your living,
 for anyone who really sees.” — Paul Strand

Do you want to be more creative as a photographer? Then you need to exercise your creative muscles. Just as many people go to the gym to strengthen their physical bodies, photographers can strengthen their creative mind, using techniques that cause them to look at old problems in new ways.

If you post a picture on social media, and it doesn’t conform to the traditional rules of art and composition, you can expect to be challenged by the Paul Blart Mall Cops of Art. They can be merciless. But I want to let you know a secret. These people don’t buy pictures. They don’t publish pictures. They just critique pictures. Publishers, editors and art buyers may not care about the rules – if you come up with something that is striking.

A few years back, I met a photographer named Larry Tiefenbrunn. A nicer, friendlier guy you’ll never meet. He and his wife run a little business that makes some of the most unusual, dynamic, and downright useful camera supports I have ever seen or used. They are called – Platypods.