“Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera” - Yousuf Karsh

You want a new camera – but which camera? You want to make the best decision you can. You may turn to some of the popular and large online camera forums to get advice. All you have to do is read through those camera forums to find out how NOT to buy a camera. The things that most of these folks comment on baffle me.

With a hat tip to Chris Brogan, I want to approach an important subject for photographers. There’s pretty much nothing more important to us than getting our work seen. The problem is, billions of photos are made and posted online every week. Who has time to look at OUR pictures? How can we stand out? Why aren’t we getting more traction with our online galleries?

Not everyone can afford a big, fast, lens. It’s particularly hard to find the loose change to buy a big telephoto lens. While the lesson I offer here applies to ALL cameras and ALL lenses, regardless of manufacturer OR format, it is most apparently impactful when you are shooting with telephoto lenses.