I looked into tripods and heads from all the big names like Miller, O’Connor, Sachtler and Acebill. Talk about sticker shock… there are dozens of models to choose from in the $5000 to $19000 price range! That’s more than I want to spend. So I looked at the next tier. Manfrotto and Benro are big players in the under $5000 video tripod segment. They make nice stuff.

But since video is not my main thing, that’s still more than I wanted to spend. Then I found out about the Magnus REX VT-6000 2-Stage Video Tripod with Fluid Head. 

I am writing a brief post to talk about some of the tools I am using to create video. I am involved in a long-term project that won’t see light of day until Jan 2020 – but it occurred to me, I had to do a lot of research to figure out what tools I need to pull it off and maybe I can share my experiences here and possibly save someone from wasting the hours I did looking for solutions.