What You Will Learn

Bear photograph by Scott Bourne

What You Will Learn On A Picture Methods Photo Tour?

On a Picture Methods Photo Tour/workshop you will learn how to find and study your subject and the role that plays in successful image making. You will learn basics and fine points of proper exposure on digital cameras and how to get the right exposure every time. You will learn how to approach free and wild birds/wildlife without disturbing them. You will learn how to predict bird/wildlife behavior. You will learn which resources you can use to accurately identify many species birds. You will learn how to spot the best subjects, how to select the best perspective, and how to use both wind and sun angle to your advantage. You will learn how to see and understand light. You will learn the value of shooting in manual mode and how to use autofocus properly. You will learn how to properly compose an image. You will learn how to tell stories with your camera. You will learn which of your images works best and how to correct those that didn’t succeed. AND MORE…