What You Will Learn

Bear photograph by Scott Bourne

What you learn on a Picture Methods Photo Tour
On Picture Methods Photo Tours and Workshops, we teach the craft of photography—the basics, as well as advanced techniques. You’ll learn how to find and study your subject and the impact it has on making professional images.

Interacting with wildlife
You’ll learn how to approach free and wild birds and other wildlife without disturbing them. We show you how to predict bird and wildlife behavior to make the best images.

Finding and photographing the best subject in the best light
We’ll share resources you can use to accurately identify many species of birds. You’ll also learn how to:
-Spot the best subjects
-Select the best perspective
-Use both wind and sun angle to your advantage

We also focus on how to see and understand light. We teach the fine points of proper exposure and how to get the right exposure every time.

You’ll learn how to:
-Use autofocus properly and the value of shooting in manual mode
-Properly compose an image.
-Tell stories with your camera.

Tips for elevating your craft
In critique sessions, we share which of your images work best and fixes for those that don’t.