Why PictureMethods?

Participants Photographing Eagles With Scott Bourne

1. You will be working with actual professional photographers who have been published and who have earned their living making photos. There are lots of good photographers and some of them are even good photography teachers, but if they haven’t had to support themselves with just a camera, they don’t carry the same experience and authority as a working pro.

2. We have decades of field experience and we only guide you to the best of the best locations. We also know WHEN to go which can be as important as WHERE to go. We only lead tours/workshops to locations where we are sure you will get the best opportunities for portfolio-quality images.

3. Our trips are fun! And if photography isn’t fun, you’re not doing it right! We screen applicants who wish to attend our tours to make sure they are the kind of people you will want to hang out with for a week or so. We also make sure that we are a good fit for every client. We don’t want anyone to be unhappy.

4. We offer as much or as little instruction as you require. If you just need us to get you to the location and point you in the right direction, we’ll do that. If you need help building your photos from scratch, we’ll provide it. Just let us know where you find yourself on that curve. We only want to make sure you get great shots. Whatever it takes.

5. We run tours with smaller groups – with as few as half as many participants as some of our competitors. We could make more money if we sold more seats, but then your photography would suffer and we couldn’t give you the attention you deserve. You’ll never be crowded out of a good shot on one of our tours.

6. Some photo tour/workshop companies try to skirt laws that require the payment of fees, proof of insurance, etc. All PictureMethods tours are fully insured and permitted. Don’t get caught with a photographer who doesn’t have a permit. It can get ugly, quickly. We run our tours with all the necessary permissions, insurance, and permits. Every time. No exception.

7. We run eco-friendly tours and encourage responsible photography practices. We never risk wildlife or the environment to get a shot. We find ways to work in harmony with nature so that the opportunity to photograph there will last for generations. We hope to to leave our photography workshop locations in better shape than the way we found them.

8. All of our tours are non-smoking. You won’t be forced to inhale someone else’s cigarette smoke on a PictureMethods Tour.

9. We are inclusive and welcome all people to attend our workshop regardless of political, or religious affiliation, and regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or creed. We require all participants to treat each guest who comes on our tours with respect regardless of differences. After all, photography is the great equalizer. Regardless of who we are or where we come from, we all want the same thing – great images!