What Photo Accessory Have I Owned The Longest?


What Photo Accessory Have I Owned The Longest?

What Photo Accessory Have I Owned The Longest? It may surprise you to find out that it is the Walkstool Comfort 65 XX-Large Folding Stool.

The Walkstool is the longest serving photo accessory I own. For decades, I have relied on the very same Walkstool – it stands the test of time. I own very few items that truly last, but this is a very well-built product. You may benefit from adding one to your photo kit.

The primary benefit of the Walkstool is the prevention of back strain or fatigue while keeping a person elevated to a comfortable height. This is useful for sports, event, and press photographers who spend many hours on their feet, squatting or on their knees. It is also good for campers and other outdoor enthusiasts or simply anyone who needs a seat in a location where a comfortable chair may be hard to come by.


I can carry this in a briefcase or on my belt using the supplied loop, and still have a comfortable place to sit while I wait for the birds.

The biggest secret to my bird photography is patience. I will sit in one place for hours waiting on the birds to come to me. At my age, sitting on the ground is not comfortable, so I rely on the Walkstool to give me rest and comfort while waiting on my next subject.

The advantages of the Walkstool are many, but here are the primary selling points as far as I am concerned:

Light weight (Aluminum construction)
Portable (Telescopic with a carrying bag)
Durable (High quality and load capacity)
Comfortable (Ergonomic and big seat)
Multiple seat heights (Depending on whether or not you extend the legs)


I bought my Walkstool at B&H, but I recently did some research and found out that the company is located in Sweden and that is where the product is manufactured. The engineering that went into this product is pretty amazing. To get something that is so lightweight to be so strong, well that is beyond my skillset to be sure.

You may be wondering – will that little stool support a big fat guy like me? The answer is yes – the model I recommend for horizontally challenged photographers is the XX-Large Folding model. It extends to 26″ (65cm) and collapses to 18″ (45cm). It holds me just fine. In fact, all of the models will hold a person who weighs in at more than 300 pounds.


Recently I added the Walkstool Steady Supplemental Stabilizer to my bag. This allows the stool to work in soft sand or mud without sinking.


If you can find ways to stay out in the field longer, to spend more time photographing, then you dramatically increase the odds of getting a compelling photograph. This tool personally helps me to stay out shooting longer and for that I am grateful.


Check current pricing at B&H…

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  1. Scott, I got the XL model last fall for my trip to Bosque. It was perfect for waiting for the snow geese to blast off or for the cranes to fly-in in the afternoon. I also like this stool for comfortably getting low to macro flowers. It’s a great accessory. Thanks for showcasing it.

  2. Scott, I apologize for the duplicate posts. It is confusing when one gets interrupted while posting, to log in. It appeared that my first post disappeared.

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