Art Starts In The Heart – Not The Camera

Sandhill Crane Photo by Scott Bourne

Art Starts In The Heart – Not The Camera

Here’s a very short post with a short and simple message. It is a message that some do not want to hear, because it is easier to believe that buying a magic camera or using some secret new, lens will get you better pictures. I wish that were true. Instead, this is true…

The story you want to tell. The things that are contained in your heart and your mind…

THESE are far more important than your camera, your lens, your settings or anything else.

Feel your way to a photograph. Try it.

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  1. Scott,
    You consistently hit the mark with your accurate and thoughtful articles. I believe all the years of creating images that speak to the heart of your profession or hobby for those like me. This “trial by fire” life experience has enabled you to guide us in this photography journey.
    Best wishes for a successful 2020.

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