Peak Design Travel Tech Pouch – Yet Another Bag You Need To Buy

Peak Design Travel Pouch

Peak Design Travel Tech Pouch – Yet Another Bag You Need To Buy

Peak Design Travel Pouch

  • lectronic Accessories Compartment
  • Versatile, Space-Efficient
  • Mountable within Compatible Travel Bag
  • Aligns with Travel Bag Openings
  • Zippered Closure
  • 15 Internal Organizational Pockets
  • Internal and External Zippered Pockets
  • Power Cord Pass-Through
  • External Handles, Weather Resistant

Of all the forms of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) – perhaps the version of the disease that propels people like me to purchase dozens and dozens of camera/tech related bags is the worse.

Enter my newest addition – the Peak Design Travel Tech Pouch.  I purchased the $59.95 bag rather defiantly because after all – it’s NOT a camera bag. I justified my decision based on the fact that this bag goes INTO my camera bag. That somehow made it all okay.

And just think – I had just received my special sobriety coin  acknowledging 30 days without a bag purchase. Well – we all fall off the wagon sometimes.

Peak Design Travel Pouch

But really – I needed this bag. I NEEDED it. And you do too. You just don’t know it yet.

Confess…your camera bag is full of little wires, memory cards and other photography accessories – all just floating around in the nether regions of the camera bag’s underbelly.

THIS little pouch is brilliantly designed to solve that problem. It is designed for electronics/camera accessories. It comes in a zippered, clamshell configuration with 15 – count em 15 different internal organizational pockets to hold batteries, memory cards, portable hard drives, cables, or power adapters and more. (I can just see it now – the gang at Peak was in a meeting room in San Francisco and they had figured out how to put 14 pockets in this thing and someone said “STOP! If we get one more pocket – for a total of 15 – Scott Bourne will HAVE TO BUY IT!”) So that’s what they did. I might have been able to resist temptation at 14 pockets. But NOOOOOO – they had to make it 15! Fine – take my money – AGAIN!

I use this bag to store my cellphone, charging cables, business cards, spare batteries, my favorite Montblanc pen and much more. I am surprised at just how much stuff I can cram into this two liter bag.

Like everything else that comes from Peak Design, it’s super well -built and well-designed. The origami-inspired pockets are brilliant. Everything is top-notch.

Each time I use the bag, I seem to find another nook or cranny that I can use to stuff something else down.

Now let me tell you that while I referenced it above, the diabolical secret of this bag is its ability to hold SO MUCH STUFF in such a small, compact footprint. When you open the box from B&H and see the bag, you’ll probably think, “No way – that is too small!” But it isn’t. It holds more than you think.

The Peak Design Tech pouch comes in a couple of different colors and features a durable, weather-resistant nylon construction and two external handles.


If you’re looking for a well-designed, well-built, downright elegant solution to help you transport and find all your cables, memory cards, and other electronic/photographic doodads – the Peak Design Travel Tech Pouch is for you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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4 Responses

  1. I love my tech pouch. I bought it as part of the Travel Backpack Kickstarter, and I want to sell the pack, but keep the pouch. If anyone wants a Peak Design Travel Backpack in Heather Gray, hit me up.

    A few of my favorite features:
    First, is the charging cable pass through. I put my giant backup battery in the inner compartment and route the charging cable through the little slot to the outer zippered area. When I need a charge I just pull out the cable. The second feature is the elastic bands on the outside walls are just the right size to hold my SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD drives and the cables for those drives drop right in the inner elastic areas. I really like the grippy feel of the fabric and the little handle you can fit your fingers under.

    It is my favorite bag!

  2. Guys at Peak Design must be stopped. Creating ecosystem of bags and accessories working together so well that you can’t stop adding to it is borderline criminal.

    And, did you know that they just announced another Kickstarter campaign starting on May 21st. Sigh.

  3. Anyone can cram a bag full of stuff. The really advanced users can fill it and still be able to zip it closed 🙂

    BTW, thanks for something more I need 🙂

  4. Stop posting these! Between Peak Design and WaterField Designs, I’m going broke! (But I have some AWESOME bags!)

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