Peak Design Travel Tech Pouch – Yet Another Bag You Need To Buy

Peak Design Travel Pouch

Peak Design Travel Pouch

  • lectronic Accessories Compartment
  • Versatile, Space-Efficient
  • Mountable within Compatible Travel Bag
  • Aligns with Travel Bag Openings
  • Zippered Closure
  • 15 Internal Organizational Pockets
  • Internal and External Zippered Pockets
  • Power Cord Pass-Through
  • External Handles, Weather Resistant

Of all the forms of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) – perhaps the version of the disease that propels people like me to purchase dozens and dozens of camera/tech related bags is the worse.

Enter my newest addition – the Peak Design Travel Tech Pouch.  I purchased the $59.95 bag rather defiantly because after all – it’s NOT a camera bag. I justified my decision based on the fact that this bag goes INTO my camera bag. That somehow made it all okay.

And just think – I had just received my special sobriety coin  acknowledging 30 days without a bag purchase. Well – we all fall off the wagon sometimes.

Peak Design Travel Pouch

But really – I needed this bag. I NEEDED it. And you do too. You just don’t know it yet.

Confess…your camera bag is full of little wires, memory cards and other photography accessories – all just floating around in the nether regions of the camera bag’s underbelly.

THIS little pouch is brilliantly designed to solve that problem. It is designed for electronics/camera accessories. It comes in a zippered, clamshell configuration with 15 – count em 15 different internal organizational pockets to hold batteries, memory cards, portable hard drives, cables, or power adapters and more. (I can just see it now – the gang at Peak was in a meeting room in San Francisco and they had figured out how to put 14 pockets in this thing and someone said “STOP! If we get one more pocket – for a total of 15 – Scott Bourne will HAVE TO BUY IT!”) So that’s what they did. I might have been able to resist temptation at 14 pockets. But NOOOOOO – they had to make it 15! Fine – take my money – AGAIN!

I use this bag to store my cellphone, charging cables, business cards, spare batteries, my favorite Montblanc pen and much more. I am surprised at just how much stuff I can cram into this two liter bag.

Like everything else that comes from Peak Design, it’s super well -built and well-designed. The origami-inspired pockets are brilliant. Everything is top-notch.

Each time I use the bag, I seem to find another nook or cranny that I can use to stuff something else down.

Now let me tell you that while I referenced it above, the diabolical secret of this bag is its ability to hold SO MUCH STUFF in such a small, compact footprint. When you open the box from B&H and see the bag, you’ll probably think, “No way – that is too small!” But it isn’t. It holds more than you think.

The Peak Design Tech pouch comes in a couple of different colors and features a durable, weather-resistant nylon construction and two external handles.


If you’re looking for a well-designed, well-built, downright elegant solution to help you transport and find all your cables, memory cards, and other electronic/photographic doodads – the Peak Design Travel Tech Pouch is for you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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