New Features Coming For Photographers In The Apple Ecosystem

New Features Coming For Photographers In The Apple Ecosystem

On Monday, June 3, 2019, Apple announced at the World Wide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) changes coming to the new iOS13 and Mac OS operating systems. Apple also announced big changes for its iPad OS.

The big changes for photographers happen in iOS13 – starting with how the OS impacts the iPhone. 13 offers a new portrait mode called HIGH KEY MONO. It uses more computational photography to add to the existing iPhone portrait modes. You can even adjust the lighting in portrait mode…AFTER THE FACT!

Apple PHOTOS app will offer new ways to sort images and offer new gesture support. The PHOTOS interface now also uses buttons, similar to what you see in Instagram and other photo editing applications. Apple has also added the ability to edit video directly in the Photos app, just as you would photos. Pretty much anything you can do to a photo on an iPhone you can now do to a video. And videos now can be rotated, adjusted and have filters added to them just as you would with a still image.

The really big news comes to the iPad. FINALLY the iPad (through a new dedicated iPadOS coming this fall) will support external drives. You can finally transfer content from hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards, etc. Apple didn’t release details at WWDC but you can assume a plethora of adapters will be available to help achieve the file transfer – no matter what the source may be. You’ll also be able to use your iPad as a second external monitor for better video/photo editing experiences.

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