Topaz DeNoise v2.4 is now available!

Topaz DeNoise v2.4 is now available!

(And it’s on sale.)

You can save $20 off the regular price between now and use this link plus the code METHODS at checkout to save even more – you get an additional 15% off the sale price.

This new version is free for many of you. It offers:

Improved Low Light model.

Better detail preservation through improved AI architecture and more training time.

Better raw support.

Adds CR3 support and fixes some raw loading/color issues from previous versions.

DeNoise AI is on sale from January 27 – February 12; regularly priced at $79.99, on sale for $59.99 ($20 off!)

Topaz Labs Software on sale.

The Utility Bundle is also discounted; Regularly $249.99, on sale for $199.99 ($50 off!)

Once again, if you use this link: and enter the code METHODS at checkout you can save an additional 15% off the sale price of the Utility Bundle.

3 Responses

  1. Hello Scott,

    thanks for the info regarding the new Topaz Denoise version. I now own almost all of the Topaz software products (using your affiliate link 😉). The results are usually great. – Unfortunately, I can no longer call Topaz software as a plugin for Luminar. It was very easy with Luminar 4.3, but with Luminar AI it is no longer the case. Skylum does not want to change this.

    Anyway, I will still continue to use the Topaz tools, but I am not sure whether I will continue with Luminar.

    Thanks again and best regards


    1. Hi Stefan I am not planning to move to Luminar AI so I can still use Luminar 4 with the plug-ins just fine. I do understand your frustration. I haven’t worked at Skylum for quite some time now. I think they made some great products and maybe decided that the new direction would be more profitable.

      1. Hi Scott, thanks for your quick response. I agree with you. Skylum does have great products, but the new strategy is questionable. It looks as if they want to make money by selling templates for Luminar AI. At least they are promoting templates agressively. I will observe it and decide.

        Many thanks


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